In Loving Memory of Trina Cathreen (Turner) Ohlhausen























Pictures of Trina
















Here are most of the very few pictures I have of Trina, I am disappointed in myself now for not having the camera bug.





Video List:

(no sound, this was an inexpensive camera we got for our trip to San Juan Island.)






























Baby Trina



Grampa Walsh and Trina



17 Years Old

Trina and Eric



Issaquah Floods

Trina took these from her Apartment


Trina’s Apartment Complex


Peggy’s Trail


Mt Ranier Visitors Center

The Birds





Trina and Eric




Snoqualmie Train

Trina Becky and Eric

Chucky Cheese 9th

Working the Phones

Just me and my Panda


James and Trina


Confused Mom

Eric’s Graduation


A Little Help...


Trina, Eric, and Randy


Christmas at the Office

Becky, Opening a gift

Becky's 18th

Looks like a tree...

Outside looking in...

Game time


Trina Talking to Neighbor

Trina Surveys The Crowd


Trina takes Baltimore


All Gussyed up

Hmm, just one more...

Duck Inn Burger run

Are we coming or going?

Trina and Kevin


Camping Hard



What’s fer Dinner?

Trina and James

The great NW


Trina and Kitten

Trina readying for feast

Busy, Busy

Becky back for leave


Trina got the first one

Looking for the Mulan tree...

Mt. Rushmore

Becky and Trina














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