The Start























Well, it’s another hairbrained idea, but this is a start, a chassis from a mid ‘70’s Chevy, full sized 1/2 ton 4x4 PU, long bed, NP203, Turbo 350, Dana 44 front, 12 bolt rear both with 6 lugs.

I started by removing all the brake lines, fuel line, axles, springs, and mounts. Then I went to drilling out the rivets of the body mounts and didn’t stop untill all the rivets were gone and the frame was in pieces. I used a 7” sander and wire cup to clean all the rust and stuff off it and prep it for paint.






























A Start to a chassis

Chev 12 Bolt


Turbo 350

NP 203

Dana 44



Front Axle is out

Thats how to get it out

And then there were none...



Cleaning the frame


A few Rivets



A bigger mess

Roll it Over

Down side Up


Still Drilling


Sanding as I go


Oops, it Broke

Wire wheeling the inside


Next on the list

Reorganize and clean


A new Layout

The 203 Begins





































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