New Process 203

























New Process Model 203 (Full Time Four Wheel Drive)




















































  The New Process Model 203 transfer case is a full-time 4 WD unit that operates in 4 WD at all times. The unit incorporates a differential similar to axle differentials; compensating for different speeds of the front and rear axles resulting from varying speeds while turning and operating over different surfaces.

   There are five shift positions with this transfer case; Neutral, High and High Lock, and Low and Low Lock. The Lock positions are used under low traction conditions. In the Lock position, the differential action of the transfer case is eliminated, by locking the front and rear output shafts together. In this mode, neither the front or rear axle can rotate independently of the other.

   There are a couple after market kits from Milemarker, that will change the operation of this unit into a part time 4 WD. With one of these units, you should have lockout hubs. The shift positions you have are 4 wheel low, 4 wheel high, rear drive high, rear drive low, andMilemarker 95-94203 neutral. There are two kits, one replaces the spyders in the differentiating unit to pawls that don’t rotate,Milemarker 501 thus disabling the full time feature. The other kit is a new shaft to replace the entire differential with a solid shaft. The first kit is cheaper, even though there are more parts that seem more complicated. The shaft kit is stronger so therefore costs more.














































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