Who is in the background? That’s Claudie Ora (Bailey) Kiser holding my mom, her granddaughter.





This is the newest version of my genealogy site. I will try to add one family name at a time, which never works, but I can’t dedicate the time to it I need to, so slow it will be. Some pages are in my old, ‘Family Tree’ style and some are the newer style with tabs.



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The Genealogy section is broken down into different “sub-sites” for each surname. The pages listed below are of sources and documents I have compiled from all the surnames into the main Genealogy area.












The most recent work is on the Richter Family, Magel Family and Ranft Family. They are 2 of my mother’s  grandparent’s families. I am in phase 2 of re-design, the Bailey Site was phase 1, I didn’t like it, so I totaly started over to what the Magel and Ranft sites are, then changed a little more to what the Richter site is. That is the look I will try to keep now.
























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