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Yarborough, Yarbrough, Yarber,


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Places you may have seen an Yarborough

  • Lincolnshire England
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina






















Our Closest Yarborough
Relationship is...

 Grace Blanche Yarborough

Who was Our children’s

 Great, Great Grandmother

Here is the trail to us

Grace Blanche Yarborough married John Harvey Turner and had a son James Ross Turner.

He married Alice Marjorie Morgan, and had a daughter Cynthia Gail Turner.

She had a daughter, Trina Cathereen Turner who married Michael Lloyd Ohlhausen
and we have 3 children...

Rebecca Ann Ohlhausen
James Trevor Ohlhausen
Kevin Ross Ohlhausen

















 Richard Yarbrough Sr.  arrived in the new world before 1642, some say in 1635 or 1636.

It is rumored that Richard came to Virginia from England after winning a card game with the King of England. The King paid his debt with land in the new country.  Richard came over to collect his debt and ended up staying.

He is called “Richard, The Immigrant”, or “Old Richard” and is the first of our Yarborough ancesters to arrive in the “New World”.




























Yarbrough Family Reunions:

Each year, ancestors from various lines of the Yarbrough Family courtesy of the Yarbrough National Genealogical & Historical Association, Inc. have a reunion (previously at Richard Yarbrough's gravesite to participate in Petersburg, VA's Tricentennial program memorializing him) now as the guests of a member of the Assn..



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Final resting places of Yarborough family members

  • Old Blanford Church Cemetary, near Petersburg, Va
















 Yarborough Family 






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