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Other forms or misspellings of this name:


Given Name



Anton Walzel



Anna Pauline Walzel

Anton Walzel




Walzel ancesters Directly related to us:


Related Surnames

  • Burkart
  • Berger
  • Richter
  • Matzga


Places you may have seen an Walzel

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Schlessia, Germany
  • Moulton, Gonzales Co.,Texas
  • Bebe, Gonzales Co.,Texas
  • Cameron, Milam Co., Texas
  • Yoakum, DeWitt County, Texas
  • Holman, Fayette Co., Texas


Our Closest Walzel
Relationship is...
Anna Pauline Walzel


She was Our children’s 2nd great grandmother


Here is the trail to us:

Anna Pauline Walzel married Emil Ferdinand Richter and they had a son, Anton Alfred.

Anton married Doris Marie Kiser and they had a daughter, Geraldine. She married Carroll Lloyd Ohlhausen and they had a son, Michael Lloyd Ohlhausen and I have 3 children...

Rebecca Ann Ohlhausen
James Trevor Ohlhausen
Kevin Ross Ohlhausen

















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Final resting places of Walzel family members

  • Poth Cemetery
















 Walzel Family 






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