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    Franz Ullrich was a family friend of the Henry Magel family. He married the oldest daughter, Elizabeth Ann Magel and they had 2 sons, Joseph and Frank Jr. On Frank Jr.s death certificate it says his father’s name was Joe. I have to conclude that Franz’ middle name might have been Joseph, and maybe he used that more commonly. This is what is said in the book by Josephine Etlinger “Sweetest you can Find”:

    “...but Frank was in ill health and died shortly thereafter.  Two reliable sources state that Frank Ullrich's ill health resulted from his being accidentally shot. As he was chopping wood, a party of men approached, looking for a suspected criminal.  They hailed Frank, who was hard of hearing and approached them with his ax in his hands to ascertain their purpose.  Not recognizing Frank or his intentions, someone in the group shot him, and this action resulted in his death, not just illness.”

    "FRANZ ULRICH" and Elizabeth Magil were married by I. W. Fielders, acting Justice of the Peace on 18 Oct 1860, p. 47 of marriage records, book b, 1860-1865 Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX)

    The same book says Elizabeth married ‘Dutch’ Henry Ranft about a year later. I don’t have a date of Frank Sr.’s death, or of the marriage to Henry Ranft.


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