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    Welcome to our Richter family pages. Since my Mom is a Richter, this is one of the Main lines of our Genealogy.

    If you find a mistake in these pages, or if you have info that might help us, or if you are looking for more info on any of these folks, you can e-mail me, I’ll try to help the best I can.

       I could not have put these pages together without a lot of help and work by other people in the family, including my Mom (Jeri), her Aunt Ruth, (the widow of Frank Charles Richter), the late Mary Ann Richter, and Raymond Edwin "Bubba" Richter, (daughter and son of Edwin Joseph Richter) and their sister, Joyce. My mom’s cousin Joannie sent us lots of pictures and they have discussed a lot about Joseph and Josef... I hope I didn’t miss anyone... These Richters and their habit of using the same names over and over makes things tough to research,  anyhow, Thanks to everyone, and of course, if I messed something up, or you have questions  - e-mail me

    We had to ‘fix’ our Richter pages, as we have found Josef Richter who married Maria Schubert is NOT our Richter, but instead Joseph H. Richter Sr. who married Magdalena Heger is our ‘WAY Back’ Richter... Proof is in the Census, Land and Probate docs.

       Our Immigrant and ‘Way Back’ Richter is Joseph Richter, in 1867 He and his family came from Hamburg aboard the ‘S.S. Teutonia’, to South Hampton, then New Orleans. With him on the passenger list is (spelled as they are on the list) Magadal, Joseph, Magdal, Ferd, and Alois.

    From here you can look at Richter’s in Documents, Richter’s on my Google Map, our Richter Pedigrees are on the pages of each individual in a separate tab. There are pictures sprinkled through pages where I have them. I also have some we cannot identify yet - HERE please look and see if we can get that page empty... by putting their pictures on their own pages. If you don’t know where to go next click here, and start with our way back Joseph Sr. We don’t have any info on his parents as of yet, and that might be tough to find.

    There are as many ways and formats to put our ancestry on the internet as there are names in our databases, and probably most of them are confusing and hard to navigate. It’s just the nature of the task at hand, how to display all these people and be able to make sense of it all. I just hope the way I chose works for us. If you have questions, e-mail me

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