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    When Henry Magel and Marie (Henkel) came over from Germany in 1857, Henry Ranft was with them and their children aboard the Gaston. Their (the Magel’s) oldest child was Elizabeth Ann who, at 17, married Franz Ulrich on Oct 18th, 1860 in Seguin Texas. He died young due to an accidental shooting. She married “Dutch” Henry Ranft on April 30th, 1863 in Guadalupe County, Texas. So far I have found these children from records:

    Here is what I found for the naturalization date of Dutch Henry

    Guadalupe Co., TX - Declarations To Become A Citizen
          Name:     | Place of  |  Date of  |  Emigrated | Born In | Date of
    Last, First, Mi.|  Arrival  |  Arrival  |   From     |  (age)  |Declaration
    Magel, Henry, Jr.| Galveston| Nov 25 1856 | Hessen   | --      |Jun 02 1866
    Ranft, Henry     | Galveston| Nov 25 1857 | Hessen Darmstadt | |Jun 02 1866
    Ullrich, Franz   | TX.      | Nov -- 1852 | Prussia  | --      |Jul 28 1856

    I did not find Henry Magel Sr. , and 1856 for Jr. should be 1857, so we can see Henry Ranft was on the same trip as the Magel’s, but he was a little more prompt at getting naturalized (by 10 years!) We can also see that Ullrich was not on the same trip as the Magels and Ranft, he came over 5 years prior, or this transcription is lacking in accuracy. I need to track down the original.

    Henry Ranft served in the Confederate army in the Civil War. All I can find is a J. H. Ranft (I wonder if Henry is his middle name?)

    Name: J. H. Ranft
    Side: Confederate
    Regiment State/Origin: Texas
    Regiment Name: 8 Texas Cavalry
    Regiment Name Expanded: 8th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Terry's) (1st Rangers) (8th Rangers)
    Company: E
    Rank In: Private
    Rank In Expanded: Private
    Rank Out: Private
    Rank Out Expanded: Private
    Film Number: M227 roll 30

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