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Ohlhausen, Olnhausen, Olhausen, Ohlhaussen, Ahlhausen, Aalhausen, Aalhaus

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    My father had one son, his had one son who survived to have children. My grandfather was James Carson Ohlhausen Sr. He was from a large family who lived in mostly in Mason County Texas and nearby areas. Our immigrant Ohlhausen was Alexander Heinrich I von (Henry V) Ohlhausen. There are many Ohlhausen’s between, and before which I will try to explain in these pages. I have a lot of info on this family, and much of it will be left out of this site for many reasons. Most of what I am putting here is on direct ancestors of mine, and I am trying to not put anything about living people.

    I have a little about the history of the origins of the name Ohlhausen, as well as the area they were from in Germany. Use the tabs above here to see some of that.


























    Mike(Me) - Carroll - James Carson - Elvin Elliot - Samuel Alexander - Karl G(Charles V) - Alexander Heinrich - Johann Conrad




























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