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The Magel Family is on my mother’s mother’s father’s mother’s side. The farthest back I can be sure of by my research and documents is to Johann Heinrich Magel. Others have Andreas der Junger Magel as his father and Johannes Magel as his grandfather.




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    There is a Johannes Magel listed on the internet as the “way back” Magel. He is shown married to Anna Elisabeth Siepp and they have these children and all were from Ruddingshausen.

    I don’t know how reliable or accurate the sources are, I have to question all the Anna Maria’s, the dates they had were ok, but. Anyhow, we are linked through the son, Andreas der Junger Magel (according to the same source) and he is shown married to Christine Dietz in Ruddingshausen, Germany with 2 sons, Johann Heinrich Magel and Johannes Magel.

    Johann Heinrich Magel married Marie Henkel in Odenhausen, Parish Londorf, Germany, in 1843, and had 6 children with them when they immigrated to Texas in 1857. All their children were:

    They lived generally in the Guadalupe, Gonzales, Caldwell, and San Saba county area of Texas.

    One of their daughters was Katherine "Kate" Magel, my mother’s Great Grandmother. She married James Kiser and their son was Odo Kiser, my mother’s grandfather.

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